Who, What, Where, & Why!

This is Fior Di Fossa; a Renaissance drama & psychological thriller centered around two women, Katherine and Genevieve, who were once best friends but now find themselves at odds because of a supposed affair. After a devastating hardship befalls one of them, old wounds are opened. Can they pick up the pieces and move forward together?

The creators, Hally Smith & Lizzie Sherman, are both 2020 graduates from NYU Tisch, pursuing their art as best as they can in these trying times. As they both graduated into a world unexpected and limited in their industry, they are putting their whole hearts and efforts into creating meaningful work for themselves and their peers.

If you can, please help this team do what feels impossible in this current environment and donate to their post-production costs. Fior Di Fossa is in the editing stage and will be submitted to film festivals in the new year with your help!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING and thank you to all those who donated to our fundraiser!

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