The Story…

In the wake of traumatic loss, Katherine and Genevieve find themselves needing each other more than ever as their lives begin to unravel. Stay tuned to see what unfolds in this drama/psychological thriller.

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The Characters:

Katherine, Genevieve, and Anthony have be friends since childhood. Their lives seem incomplete without each other yet out-of-balance when all together.

Caterina (Katherine) Alessandra Di Stephano

After being forced out of her home, Katherine is left with no choice but to stay with her oldest friend, Genevieve. Katherine is kind and tender but cannot escape the consequences of her past.

Ginevra (Genevieve) Rosso d’Este Montegna

Always the perfectionist, Genevieve is sharp of wit and tongue. Although she means well, her pride often stands in the way of her happiness.

Antonio Montegna

Anthony is overpowering and harsh to those who cross him but, tender to those he loves.

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